Cryptocurrency vault

Virtual wallets are great for everyday expenses, but storing large amounts of cryptocurrency in them carries its risks.
This is why we created the vault.

crypto vault

Why use the vault?

We care about security better than anyone.

Multiple signatures

Multiple employees have to sign each transaction, on multiple devices.

Withdrawal delay

We enforce a 48-hour time-lock to prevent unauthorized withdrawals.

Offline storage

Finansiv stores all cryptocurrency 100% offline, in addition to our other security features.

Transparent fees

We charge a fixed fee of just 0.25% of the transaction amount.

Withdraw easily

Finansiv offers flexible wallet security and transaction policy features to address a wide range of needs. You can create a withdrawal request any from your user dashboard 24 / 7.

1. Create a withdrawal request

Firstly, simply navigate to the “FINANSIV | VAULT” section in your user interface and click on “withdrawal”.

Note: Currently, you can only create one withdrawal request at a time.

Криптовалутен трезор
студен портфейл теглене

2. Enter the amount and receiving address

Enter the amount of cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw and the receiving address.

We will automatically check if the receiving address is valid, but always make sure to only send funds to people you know since once completed, the transaction cannot be reversed.

3. Confirm the withdrawal

Once you enter the withdrawal details, we will subsequently send a confirmation email to your inbox automatically. Once you approve the details there, the 48-hour verification period will begin. We might send you an additional email or a call to verify that it is indeed you making the transaction, if for example the transaction amount is high or our system detects suspicious activity.

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  • You can find our full price list here.
  • Note that almost we carry out most operations, associated with managing cold storage wallets manually to ensure maximum security for your funds, as a result some delays are to be expected. We thank you for your patience.