Security at Finansiv

We know that customers are concerned about the security of their capital and personal data.
That’s why we’re continuously improving security by implementing the most up-to-date measures and security practices.

Minimal Counterparty Risk

Finansiv is a European regulated financial intermediary and subject to the rules set out by multiple European and international organizations, such as the FATF, the European Council, MONEYVAL, and more. Finansiv has a longstanding, self-funded and successful financial track record.

Trading on Finansiv Online

As a broker, Finansiv trades over the largest exchanges globally to find the most advantageous order execution for our clients.

Compared to trading on a single exchange, we provide best execution for your trades across the most reputable exchanges globally. This means, that we will select one or more exchanges that provide you with a combination of the best possible market price, liquidity and speed of execution – guaranteed by us.

We take over the risk of dealing with exchanges for you, so you can trade worry-free.

Custody on Finansiv Trading and Brokerage accounts

Finansiv segregates all client assets, from our corporate funds, so your funds are completely safe even in the event of bankruptcy.

Crypto asset custody

Finansiv provides institutional-grade custody for crypto assets. Finansiv has developed a proprietary secure cold storage concept applying the highest standards of cryptographic, IT and physical security as well as multi-party-signing processes. It leverages Finansiv’s longstanding track record of crypto asset experience and the expertise of its technology division comprising software, infrastructure and security specialists focusing on blockchain technology.

We also enable succession and inheritance planning in an individually controlled set-up. This prevents crypto assets getting lost in case the original owner deceases.

Assets that are stored in the Finansiv Vault are held in cold storage on separated blockchain addresses. Transaction authorizations enforce custom multi-person approval workflows and time delays.

Read more about Finansiv | Vault.


User Account Protection

Finansiv applies the required physical, technical and procedural standards for safekeeping and trading crypto assets.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Account Login

To guarantee safety of your account, we enforce time-based 2-factor authentication using mobile applications such as Google Authenticator. This means that in addition to your username and password, you will enter a code from your authenticator app on your mobile phone, adding an extra layer of security for your account.

Additional Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Account Withdrawals

All account withdrawals have to be confirmed by entering two-factor authentication and e-mail.

Data Security & Privacy

Finansiv adheres to industry best practices. We take all reasonable technical and organizational security measures to protect your stored data against manipulation, loss, or unauthorized third-party access. We also take internal data privacy very seriously. Our employees and service providers are required to maintain secrecy and to comply with the applicable data protection legislation.