Full-service crypto prime brokerage

We provide all the necessary tools to trade, borrow, lend and securely store digital assets.

Tailored Solutions for Your Trading & Liquidity Needs

We provide investors with a secure marketplace to trade, borrow, lend and custody digital currencies.

Our clients

We created Finansiv Prime for institutional investors and traders willing to push the limits of what is possible.

Finansiv Prime provides investors with a full suite of services for trading, borrowing, lending and securely storing digital currencies. Onboard once and trade on multiple spot and derivatives venues.

Finansiv provides trading firms with a complete solution to trade, borrow & custody digital assets. Clients benefit from fast exchange connectivity, stable quotes and best possible point-in-time execution to complete large orders rapidly and reliably. Clients can borrow, lend and custody assets to increase capital efficiency and optimize returns.

Finansiv provides digital currency miners with an all-in-one solution that is optimized for their needs. Miners get seamless access to new opportunities to increase yield, including derivatives strategies and opportunities to hedge using the futures market. Miners can quickly tap into a range of best-in-class services to generate superior results.

We provide white-glove services to HNW individuals and family offices looking to build a crypto portfolio and create new yield opportunities. Manage your operations from a single place with a dedicated account manager.

The all-in-one solution for your digital asset needs

Manage all your financial needs – trading, borrowing, custody and lending – with a single institution. Go through the onboarding process just once and get access to the broader crypto marketplace through a unified interface.