SEPA transfer troubleshooting


If your SEPA payment hasn’t been reflected in your Finansiv account it is likely because:

  • The name on the payment does not match the legal name on the Finansiv account
  • The currency you sent isn’t supported
  • Your unique reference code was incorrect or not included in your payment
  • Your ID was not verified at the time of payment
  • Your SEPA transfer was sent through an intermediary bank
  • Your payment was sent from an unsupported country


If your SEPA payment was successful but your bank has not been approved for withdrawals it is likely because:

  • The IBAN of your payment does not match the IBAN added to your account
  • The payment is missing an IBAN
  • You have not added a SEPA account with an IBAN to your payment methods

If your withdrawal or refund has not reached your bank account after 10 business days, please contact us.