In case of rapid changes in exchange rate.

Due to extreme market conditions, a situation is possible in which a given cryptocurrency exchange rate changes rapidly before we can complete your order.

For example:

  • You place an order to buy 0.1 Bitcoin at a price of EUR 10,000 per Bitcoin, you transfer EUR 1000 + commission, but until the bank transfer is completed, the price of Bitcoin sharply drops to EUR 9000 per Bitcoin at the time of receiving the transfer.
  • The price at which we will execute the order is the one at the moment of receipt of funds, in this case: EUR 9000 per Bitcoin.

If, for any reason, the change in the exchange rate is more than 10%, we may block the transaction and contact you whether to execute the order at the current rate at the time of receiving the funds, to wait and credit the amount that has been transferred to your user account , or refund the amount directly to the bank account from which the funds were sent.

You do not owe any order fees when an order is blocked and we return or credit the amount.

All fees and commissions can be found here.