How to send and receive cryptocurrency

You can use your Finansiv wallets to send and receive Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Sending and receiving is available on both mobile and desktop.


  1. From your user dashboard, navigate to “wallets”
  2. Click on “withdraw”
  3. Choose which wallet you wish to transfer funds from
  4. Enter the amount you wish to send and the receiving address
  5. Enter the 2-FA code, generated by your Google Authenticator and click on “submit”
    • If you’re sending to a crypto address that belongs to another Finansiv user you can use off-chain sends which are instant and incur no transaction fees. On-chain sends will incur network fees.


  1. From your user dashboard, navigate to “wallets”
  2. Either click on “copy address” and share your address or generate a QR code and allow the sender to scan it.
    • You can share your unique cryptocurrency address to receive funds through your web browser or mobile device after signing in. Other Finansiv users can send you funds instantly and completely free. Everybody else can send you funds on-chain.