How do I deposit funds in my vault?

Depositing funds in your vault is exceptionally easy.

After generating your vault wallet, you will be able to see the deposit address in the “Vault” section of your user dashboard.

  1. Copy the deposit address.
  2. Choose “Withdrawal” from the “Wallets” section.
  3. Paste the address of your cold storage wallet as a receiving address or select your vault from the drop down menu.
  4. Confirm the transaction and wait a couple of minutes.

You will see your updated vault balance in about an hour.

The process is identical if you wish to deposit funds in your vault from your personal wallet or another exchange.

Simply enter the address of your Finansiv | Vault wallet as the receiving address to send funds to it.

Please note that you can store only the type of cryptocurrency corresponding to the type of your cold storage wallet.

DO NOT send Bitcoin to an Ethereum or Litecoin address and vice versa.

Depositing funds in your vault wallet is completely free, you will only pay the network confirmation fee for the corresponding cryptocurrency network.

All fees and commissions can be found here.