Can I close my vault?


Finansiv | Vault service is associated with handling sensitive data, like secret keys for cold storage wallets as well as enforcing strict security measures.

  • Closing a vault is done only after an official request from the client, using the contact form in your user account.
  • The request will be reviewed in a 7 (seven) day period.

After your request is approved a Finansiv employee will request a crypto address to which your remaining vault balance will be sent.

  • To avoid unreasonable amounts of requests to close and consequently reopen vault wallets, please keep in mind that after the first closure of a vault, a fee of €10 will be required to reopen the same type of vault wallet.
  • Your first Finansiv | Vault wallet of any type is completely free and you owe no other monthly fees or commissions for the service as well.

All fees and commissions can be found here.